Cody Rhodes on Life After WrestleMania Win

Rhodes discusses his ambitious career goals.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes on Life After WrestleMania Win
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Reflecting on the aftermath of his iconic WrestleMania victory over Roman Reigns, WWE Undisputed Champion Cody Rhodes went candid about how he felt after this win. In an interview on The Pivot Podcast, Rhodes detailed his post-WrestleMania blues and how unfulfilled he felt after the crescendo of a years-long pro wrestling story arc.

Finally overcoming the "Tribal Chief" at WrestleMania 40 to cap off a year-long chase and secure his second consecutive Royal Rumble victory, Rhodes said he wants constant competition to keep himself sharp. "That didn't go anything like it was supposed to, did it?" This psychology complements the post-WrestleMania experience.

Even if, as he clarified: "I require a job all the time."

Cody Rhodes Targets Legends

Rhodes compared himself to wrestling icons like Steve Austin and John Cena, boldly stating that he not only wanted meet their legacy but exceed it.

"I look up to leaders such as Austin and Cena. I am the champion at 185 and that puts me in the lead. This might not be a heart-filled goal but my statistics need to show above his because those are irrefutable standards," he said.

Bliss cannot stem Rhodes's drive which sees him cling onto the pinnacle of wrestling, never letting himself be content with his standing. Still, even with his dream championship in tow; winning is now as much yielding to inevitability as it is chasing the next plateau.

Resounding the thoughts of Rhodes, John Cena has addressed what it takes to keep being on top in professional wrestling and how relentless you have to be because somebody is always after your spot. During the WWE boneyard match between Cena and The Fiend, Rhodes praised his work rate for always coming back to upstage himself, unlike bowling in real life.

As Rhodes treads the tumultuous weeks in between post-WrestleMania, his story is as much about a champion's bounce-back as it is an unwavering desire to improve and be great in the ring. His story is a shining example of the wrestler spirit who loves to pick up one shiny mountain and move on to another.

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