Young talent Damon Kemp leaves WWE

In recent months, WWE has made numerous changes to its rosters

by Simone Brugnoli
Young talent Damon Kemp leaves WWE
© WWE/Youtube

In recent months, WWE has made numerous changes to its rosters, going to release as often happens over the years, several wrestlers for which had no future plan. Among the tani cuts, there were also several young talents of NXT, which WWE did not know how to manage, not having any kind of storyline ready for them.

The last one in chronological order to be released in the last few hours is Damon Kemp, brother of Gable Steveson, who had done the same thing just a few months ago, with the NXT wrestler who confirmed it with a tweet on his X profile, writing: "I am no longer under contract with WWE.

Forever grateful to the people I met and for the experiences I’ve had. For business requests - [email protected]". Thus ends the story of the Steveson family with the WWE, with the brother winner of an Olympic medal in wrestling that had been released a few months before, for not agreeing to reduce the engagement, despite it was never really used by WWE.

Update on Damon Kemp's status

Apparently, unlike Damon Kemp’s colleagues who were literally fired from WWE with an ongoing contract, Gable Steveson’s brother would instead be dismissed at the end of his deal with WWE, with the company that simply did not renew the contract, letting it expire.

As reported in the pages of Fightful and Ringside News, this practice is increasingly taken into account by WWE, which waits for the end of the contract of its athletes now unusable, and then discard them without really having to fire.

One of the characters who seemed to have a bright future in the WWE ring, since his debut in the company’s rings, is Gable Steveson, winner of a gold medal at the Olympics in the discipline of wrestling, that just like Kurt Angle had been approached by WWE to have a career in the McMahon family’s ring.