Rhea Ripley unleashes all her frustration

Rhea’s back, but she doesn’t look too happy

by Simone Brugnoli
Rhea Ripley unleashes all her frustration
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On the April 13, 2024 episode of Monday Night Raw, we received an unluckily not very positive news from one of the great WWE champions, Rhea Ripley, who stepped into the ring alongside WWE veteran Adam Pearce to communicate to the WWE Universe a difficult choice she had to make.

The Eradicator reported that he unfortunately had to give up his WWE Women’s World Championship due to an injury he suffered the week before following an attack by Liv Morgan backstage at the red show, with the wrestler who first threw a chair at the Judgment Day member, then grabbed her and slammed against the wall causing her to accidentally slam her shoulder badly.

Shortly thereafter, Liv Morgan began, as promised, to try to take away from Rhea Ripley everything that is hers and that she loves, starting with the WWE Women’s World Title that had passed first into the hands of Becky Lynch once vacant, and then into hers at the PLE King & Queen of the Ring, thanks to the help of young talent Dominik Mysterio, another key element of the storyline considered "property" and that Liv Morgan used to win the belt and then kiss him at the first title defense on Raw and continue to flirt with him in the last episodes of the red show.

Rhea Ripley leaves Raw

Last night then the two teamed up against WWE legend Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega, managing to win the match and then almost get to celebrate with a passionate kiss, but were interrupted by the return of a Rhea Ripley who did not seem happy at all.

Unfortunately, USA Network cut the show when Rhea Ripley left the ring after refusing to hug Dominik and yelling something in his face, but luckily WWE posted a video of what happened, showing us a Dom who tries to justify himself to her and to explain while Rhea doesn’t want to know anything about it and pushes him away.

Rhea Ripley