Kofi Kingston injured again

Kofi Kingston and Tyler Bate will have to stay out for a while

by Simone Brugnoli
Kofi Kingston injured again
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During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, with the results available on our website, WWE wanted to make a sort of bulletin of the injured going to communicate that two of its athletes will remain out of the square for a while: We’re talking about Kofi Kingston and Tyler Bate.

As for the New Day member, WWE announced that he suffered a dislocation of the shoulder part that connects the scapula to the collarbone, which will lead him to remain out of the picture for a few weeks. Karrion Kross suffered a "courtesy" injury when Kofi Kingston suffered an attack on the July 1 episode of Raw.

Xavier Woods defeated Karrion Kross in a match, leading him and AOP (Rezar & Akam) to attack Kingston, with Kross imprisoning him in a painful Arm Lock. As for Tyler Bate, commentator Michael Cole said that he will be out of the game for a while, not specifying how much, due to an injury suffered on the July 2 episode of WWE NXT.

Unlike Kofi Kingston, it has not been specified his injury, but just know that he got it in a match against Hank Walker & Tank Ledger alongside his tag team partner Pete Dunne.

WWE announces two injuries

On Saturday night, WWE aired one of its most anticipated PLEs of the year, with Money in the Bank bringing a lot of attention to Stamford’s company every year, almost like one of the Big Four of the federation: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summerslam or Survivor Series.

And given the different dangerous spots that there have been, it was legitimate to ask if someone was hurt, especially in the two Ladder Matches, but on our pages you will find a positive update on the issue. Kofi Kingston was already injured on the March 3rd episode of WWE SmackDown.

He hurt his ankle while making a move at ringside. This happened when Drew McIntyre performed a flip dive, taking down more fighters in the operation, but the blow made up by the New Day member was enough to require him to stay still ever since.

In the meantime, however, it was the same Ghanaian to provide an interesting update on his account, with positive news after those already encouraging end of March.

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