New details on Dominik Mysterio's current status

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio may have broken up

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Dominik Mysterio's current status
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On the final episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on Monday night, WWE decided to bring back its former world champion of the red show, with Rhea Ripley enraged to return to the company’s cameras, while Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio were clinging to the center of the ring after winning their match.

After weeks of kisses, hugs and attempts by Liv Morgan to take possession of the ex-champion’s boyfriend, Rhea made her return at the highlight of Monday Night Raw, Running away from the ring his arch rival and looking at his teammate, who apparently may not be anymore.

Few, in fact, have noticed a clue that could be fundamental during the entry of Rhea in the ring on Monday, the initials that the former Raw champion writes on the cheek at every presence in the WWE ring. Until a few months ago, Rhea wrote the initials D+R on the right cheek while now on Raw she showed up with an R+R, with the D of Dominik apparently disappeared.

That the storyline relationship between Dominik and Rhea Ripley is already over? We just have to wait for the next episodes of the red show to understand how this interesting storyline of WWE will evolve within the Judgment Day.

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio broke up?

On Monday night, we saw a mixed pair match on Raw, with Zelina Vega and Rey Mysterio on one side and Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio on the other, with the four of them competing in the main event on Raw after weeks of attacks between them.

At the end of the match, won obviously by Dominik and Liv, only thanks to the improprieties of the two heel of the match, Dom Dom and Liv hugged, finishing down in the ring and coming dangerously close to a new kiss. At this time, Rhea Ripley’s song resonated in the arena, with former Judgment Day champion entering the ring, causing Liv to escape into the audience and Dominik then having a face-to-face with his partner, after weeks of absence from the Raw ring.

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