Matt Riddle explains his problems in WWE

Matt Riddle had several problems with WWE due to his addiction

by Simone Brugnoli
Matt Riddle explains his problems in WWE

One of the Superstars that the WWE has wanted to fire in recent months, answers to the name of Matt Riddle, former US champion and couple champion along with WWE legend and former World Champion Randy Orton, who before being fired literally "showed the green rats" to the entire company, creating problems on problems and having to leave even for a problem of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Over the years, Matt Riddle has also come face to face with numerous WWE Superstars, for his habit of gossiping about colleagues, but the worst is that for months, the athlete has violated the policies of the WWE Wellness Program, taking several drugs not allowed by the federation.

In his last interview with The MMA Hour, Matt Riddle wanted to reveal the reason that led him to suspension from WWE, and then enter the rehab clinic that kept him for months off the company scenes: "No, they never revealed anything publicly about what I did.

They wanted to leave it all covered up, and in the end they punished me with a fine. I’d gone to a strip club and taken a little cocaine a couple of times and failed the drug tests. Well, it was all for those times, it had been cocaine every time".

Matt Riddle was successful in Japan

Matt Riddle managed to defeat Hiroshi Tanahashi during the main event of the NJPW New Beginning show in Sapporo to take home the NJPW World TV Title, scoring with his BroDerek. This marks the first reign as NJPW World TV Champion for Matt Riddle.

Hiroshi Tanahashi held the title for 50 days after winning it at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18. Seems to start off on the right foot the career of the former Monday Night Raw pair champion, after a fairly dark period of his life, hoping he ended up with some vices that could certainly bring him into dark waters. Riddle was highly regarded by Vince McMahon.

Matt Riddle