Jonathan Coachman Comments on Money in the Bank WHW Title Match Outcome

Jonathan Coachman critiques WWE match finish

by Noman Rasool
Jonathan Coachman Comments on Money in the Bank WHW Title Match Outcome
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Damian Priest faced Seth Rollins in the main event of WWE Money in the Bank 2022, with his World Heavyweight Championship on the line. The entire dynamics of the match changed once Drew McIntyre would enter cashing his Money in The Bank Briefcase making it a triple threat.

In all that chaos, CM Punk did his little run-in to tear up McIntyre right as he was on the verge of winning the title himself and Priest retained. Former WWE broadcaster Jonathan Coachman did give his take on how the match came to its final moments (Busted Open Radio) Specifically, he honed in on a heated moment: when Rollins pinned Priest but was unable to count him out.

Coachman said, "When we were first learning. Vince [McMahon] always used to say the referee counts three and deals with everything after that." He said that way the outcome of the contest would be preserved through all background noise.

Controversial Match Finish

Coachman pointed out the key sequence of Rollins hitting a Falcon Arrow on Priest, appearing to secure the win as Priest's shoulders were down. But thankfully for Priest, referee stopped the count at two as it was ruled that he kicked out.

Why it matters: The move has been met with criticism from fans and authorities alike. Coachman Thinks Referee is a Bad Official and Offers Some Advice The referee just should have counted with a hand of three,' he said. Doing so would have given a way to transition the story towards McIntyre challenging Rollins, which could help clarify what this feud is actually about while keeping things going for the match.

WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque, meanwhile said the incident was a mistake and hoped it would not overshadow the accomplishments of an otherwise historically significant event. Unfortunately, according to Coachman, this botch took away from the match because it distracted fans and media for what was a split second mistake rather than focusing on an overall spectacle.

With the vignette of Money in the Bank unraveling as we speak, WWE fans around the world are left to wonder what could have been had things fallen another way. Whilst Priest continues to carry the championship, his reign has been under a shadow of doubt on a night he may have been one in which rewritten history for WWE.