TNA Joe Hendry Wins WWE NXT Return

WWE sets stage for Joe Hendry's spotlight.

by Noman Rasool
TNA Joe Hendry Wins WWE NXT Return
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Joe Hendry Returns In Impromptu Tag Team Match. The duo was only a last minute pairing when Brooks Jensen beat up Je'Von Evans backstage rendering him medically unfit to compete, leaving Williams needing a partner immediately as per the rules of their scheduled tag team match.

In his first NXT spotlight in four months, Hendry would take full advantage. One half of the new duo went toe-to-toe with Ethan Page and Shawn Spears. Despite being two drivers cobbled together, Hendry and Williams were very sympathetic.

In the match's climax, Hendry overcame Spears with a definitive choke slam which secured his win. The win was the first since returning to WWE on Hendry's record books. The match had its ups and downs. An unforeseen brawl between Ethan Page and Oro Mensah ensued, however that immediately hit the skids when John Diggle served as a distraction for an escaping Ethan Page through the crowd to help level up play in favor of Hendry & Williams.

Their strategic exit caused Spears to go into battle by herself, leading the pair to lose.

Hendry's Anticipated NXT Comeback

A return of Joe Hendry to WWE NXT has been cause for plenty of excitement. It did come with the added intrigue from his brief appearance in last month's 25-man battle royal for NXT Championship number one contender contention.

Hendry, meanwhile, was featured prominently at the conclusion of NXT Heatwave and in previews for Tuesday's show as WWE wanted to elevate him into a key role on broadcasts moving forward. The win indicates a return to the upper echelon of Hendry in NXT, possibly reintroducing him with some Buccaneers-like characters like former NXT Champion Trick Williams.

WWE is still honing its creative department and Hendry looks set for an extensive role, giving fans a lot to look forward to over the coming months.