Natalya Teases Fourth-Generation The Hart Family Wrestler

Natalya hints at new Hart family wrestler.

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Teases Fourth-Generation The Hart Family Wrestler
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With her WWE contract set to expire, Natalya is still a major figure in the squared circle and she's produced some of this year's best bouts with highlights including a brutal NXT Underground Clash against Lola Vice. Inherited from the revered Hart family, she is carrying on a wrestling tradition that began in the 1940s with her cousins Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Matt Hart.

During a recent appearance on ex-WWE interviewer McKenzie Mitchell's podcast, Natalya talked about why the takes so much pride in where she comes from and spoke candidly that with her being representing for decades later, The Hart Family will still be around.

She gave a glimpse of the next-in-line generation ready to carry on the legacy. Although she and her cousins are now retired, don't expect that wrestling legacy anywhere soon. Natalya also detailed how her nephew Maddox hopes to go into the family business.

Maddox's Wrestling Dreams

"Actually, my nephew Maddox, he wants to be a WWE superstar," Natalya revealed. "He’s only 12 but what he wants to be is a wrestler. He has been working out with me and TJ at the Dungeon, doing amateur wrestling in school.

He has such a big dream," she said. One person is WWE star Jey Uso, who Maddox found influence from and said has been willing to help him foster his goals. Maddox also didn't mind sacrificing others in his stead: "Jey Uso is my boy.

That he even gave Maddox a shirt of his ring gear, and one of his pairs off eye glasses, and filmed him a personal video," Natalya said demonstrating the bond and community that is wrestling. Courageously, Natalya says her nephew has a bright future on the mat.

"Maddox is very inspired." "I think he will be the one to continue on the Hart legacy for another generation of four," she said with a sense of accomplishment. That continuation represents more than just a familial achievement, though - it's also indicative of the long reach of one particular wrestling dynasty.