WWE NXT Je'Von Evans Talks Style & Creativity

Exploring the innovative spirit of Je'Von Evans.

by Noman Rasool
WWE NXT Je'Von Evans Talks Style & Creativity
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Enter WWE NXT rising star Ju'Von Evans, who has climbed almost immediately to the main event after just making his debut in February. Before the "NXT Heatwave" event, he was discussed in a recent episode of "Under The Ring," his unconventional style and love for what he does were two main topics.

When it comes to his rapid rise up the NXT ranks, Evans revealed himself as a student of the game. I've just been working, doing what I do best trying to be No. He knows what he wants: to stay the course and keep swimming in a wrestling pool of his own.

Je'Von Evans Creative Ringcraft

He simultaneously has become one of the more celebrated in-ring performers by fans and peers. Evans, however, wants to take it further. When I step into the ring, I pause. When I looked at the corners, the ropes, and thought what else can happen here? "This creative process, he acknowledges, can sometimes lead to moves that don't work out, but it is integral to his approach of setting himself apart from the rest." I mean, I don't want to copy anyone else.

Evans explained: "That's not gonna help me stick out, and I want to do things my way in pro wrestling." Still, not every moment has been a high point in his young career. During a recent incident at the "NXT Heatwave" show, Evans ended up costing Trick Williams an NXT Championship.

The fatal four-way closed with Ethan Page scoring the pin on Williams to become champion. Evans should be able to quickly bounce back from this as a bump on the road of what has been an exceptionally successful wrestling journey with no real hints towards drama.

Evans, however, is out to forge his legacy and has no intention of shoehorning himself into the stars. He knows what he wants to hear, and that is, within those ropes, it innovates the professional wrestling world.