Analyst Predicts Blockbuster WWE Rematch for Randy Orton Post-SummerSlam 2024

Randy Orton WWE rematch hype post-SummerSlam

by Noman Rasool
Analyst Predicts Blockbuster WWE Rematch for Randy Orton Post-SummerSlam 2024
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According WWE insider Sam Roberts, who recently revealed that Randy Orton is all likely going straight into a main-event rematch following SummerSlam 2024. It's all speculation, of course, focusing on a potential Orton/Gunther confrontation, provided the latter win his World Heavyweight Championship match at this year's biggest show, SummerSlam.

All of this brewing rivalry was contextualized at the King of the Ring tournament finals in April from Jeddah, where Orton and Gunther dueled in a heated battle that rocked both themselves and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

If the match weren't high stakes enough, to begin with, it ended in controversy as Gunther won following a disputed pin after replays showed Orton's shoulder was not completely down.

Randy Orton Potential Rematch

Gunther finally got his title shot after the tournament when he was going to be challenging for this new Championship against Damian Priest at Night of Champions 2024.

However, WWE executive Triple H teased a rematch for Orton by hinting at clashing with the Imperium leader in due course. During a recent edition of his Notsam Wrestling podcast, Roberts discussed the situation involving Orton as Royal Rumble runner-up and what would happen if Gunther were to get past Priest.

As he mentioned, "Triple H had teased a rematch before. If there is a title that could be on the line, it's just the right time for Randy to take his moment and run with what he apparently deserves." That could make the foundation for a huge showdown between two of boxing giants.

As Roberts wrote, "If Gunther returns to SmackDown or Orton appears on RAW soon for something special, the SummerSlam build could very well foretell a high-stakes match." Roberts also spoke about Cena's apparent retirement, and he rather implausibly teased a potential final showdown with Orton involving both men putting their careers on the line.

"Given their long history and the impact of Cena vs. Orton in its heyday, it would be poetic if his last dance was with Randy," said Alvear, "suggesting that a special event dedicated to celebrating John's illustrious career could take place at or around December 2025."

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