Dominik Mysterio Refutes Cheating Allegations On Rhea Ripley After WWE RAW

WWE drama escalates with Dominik's post.

by Noman Rasool
Dominik Mysterio Refutes Cheating Allegations On Rhea Ripley After WWE RAW
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In the wake of WWE Money in the Bank, The "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio & Women's World Champion Liv Morgan picked up a win after overcoming LWO's Rey Mysrerio and Zelina Vega on RAW. Dominik and Morgan basked in their glory only to have the tension turned all the way up when Rhea Ripley returned to WWE for a huge assist.

Morgan quickly scrambled back through the crowd, with a clear desire to avoid Ripley and leave Dominik isolated in front of her anger.

Dominik's Bold Instagram Post

The spotlight then shone more brightly on Dominik as well after the match.

He then took to Instagram to address all of the swirling rumors. Dominik has shared a video that no doubt raised eyebrows among both fans and critics; in the post, he speaks of former U.S. President Bill Clinton infamously declaring, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman'

The post was an unsubtle reference to his own situation as he talked about keeping the wolf from and saying that Ripley is clearly a metaphor for Burna Boy himself, much like "the pastor" in many cases is really him should be faithful even admist all of the rumors.

Clinton's declaration came back to haunt him when, a decade later, news of his encounter with Monica Lewinsky broke.

This parallel necessarily prompts some skepticism about Dominik's denial and whether more revelations will follow as the past scandal reasserts itself in a new form. Dominik's post has set fire to that discussion among the WWE universe and with everyone watching: Will his situation play out as Clinton did, or will he definitively put the rumors to rest? Time will only tell us the truth behind what went down last night at RAW.

The post Dominik has put up on his Instagram page is still causing conversation amongst fans and commentators alike, with much anticipation over what happens next in this ongoing drama. Dominik has one of the top trending posts in WWE's recent memory, as fans flock to his Instagram to view the post and engage with it outside this conversation.

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