Update on WWE's Strategy for Pete Dunne During Tyler Bate's Injury

WWE's Pete Dunne to shine despite Bate's injury

by Noman Rasool
Update on WWE's Strategy for Pete Dunne During Tyler Bate's Injury
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Well over the weekend, there was a huge announcement in professional wrestling by WWE commentator Michael Cole after the Money In The Bank event on this past Monday Night's RAW. Word broke earlier today that Tyler Bate of the New Catch Republic had been dealing with a bit of an injury.

The incident in question took place on the July 2 episode of WWE NXT, where Bate scored a victory with Pete Dunne over Hank Walker and Tank Ledger. Just how injured Bate is has not been revealed, and it appears he could be out of action for a while, leaving fans wondering just what exactly the odds are that Bate will fully recovers.

Nevertheless, WWE currently has no plans to sideline the other half of New Catch Republic Pete Dunne. The Bruiser weight is still expected to work TV with Dunne, sticking him around the wrestling world.

Dunne's Dynamic Duo

At the start of this year, he enjoyed a small identity change as they were dubbed Butch with The Brawling Brutes.

He later returned to his old name and was paired with Bate as the New Catch Republic. This dynamic duo clicked right off the bat, and they were fan favorites due to their natural chemistry in the ring. WWE's creative is currently planning this out to try and keep Dunne on television as much as possible while his partner recovers, according to Fightful Select.

For now, Dunne will have to make his way as a lone competitor. At the same time, rumors swirl in the wrestling community about how he might handle life on his own (however temporary), followed by some of the new feuds and alliances that we just may be treated to over this time.

How will Pete Dunne handle the new challenges as things continue to develop? His strength, resiliency and versatility almost certainly will help make him a success on WWE television. Fans and especially critics can't wait to see how Dunne takes the solo screen time in stride, and many are wondering if this curveball may even add another layer of success for his wrestling career.

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