Nephew of 42-Year-Old Celebrity Aspires to WWE Stardom

Natalya's nephew Maddox aims to be WWE star.

by Noman Rasool
Nephew of 42-Year-Old Celebrity Aspires to WWE Stardom
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WWE Superstar thankedEcstasy is married to WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard, who was honored for saving his son's life with a tribute in the ring on Monday evening. Natalya has a long and rich wrestling pedigree as the daughter of two-time WWE tag-team champion Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

With her roots entrenched firmly in grappling history, she is also part of Canada's legendary Hart family-devouring it! The original Dungeon was established by her grandfather, Stu Hart, a famous training facility to many wrestling legends (including his sons Bret and Owen Hart), as well as son-in-laws Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart.

Maddox's WWE Dream

Maddox is the son of the sister of Natalya's sis Kristen "Muffy" Neidhart, and Adam Culbert, is only 12 years old but has already begun training at Dungeon 2.0 hopes to carry become a fourth-generation wrestling starjuvenille with an orientation toward sports audience burgeoning interest fortuitous glendor legends like his grand father bearing that lineage onward in excellence!

Maddox is inspired by his favorite superstar Jey Uso, who has taken the time to send him gifts like a ring-worn shirt and some glasses as well as an uplifting video message. With her nephew's career starting to grow, Natalya took to social media and said the following: Taxes My Nephew Maddox Wants To Be A WWE superstar.

He's just 12, and already training with me and TJ in the Dungeon. He also competes in wrestling for the school. However, his deep appreciation for Jey, Which has even extended to the fact that he recently received a parting gift from The Tribal Chief's cousin at TLC in December-is very real.

I think Maddox will be the Hart family's fourth generation in the ring. Not that the former SmackDown Women's Champion doesn't have doubt about her future as well. Fightful Select is reporting hat Natalya's WWE contract is approaching its end and has not re-upped as of now.

The daughter of WWE legend Jim The Anvil Neidhart, Natalya has long been recognized as one of the most respected and loyal workers in Stamford, having joined the promotion back in 2007. WWE has locked down extensions for talent like Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, but the future of Natalya remains an “open secret” in the company.