Adam Pearce Sets Cheeky Meeting with Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw

Speculation mounts over SummerSlam showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Pearce Sets Cheeky Meeting with Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw
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As far as an individual storyline perspective goes, the key one that has remained within WWE's programming since this road to WrestleMania 40 began early in the year is of course CM Punk vs. Drew McIntyre. Things came to a head shortly after at the recent Money in the Bank pay-per-view, where McIntyre made waves during post-show activities by confronting WWE exectutive Adam Pearce directly.

Their showdown earned both Punk and McIntyre fines, in addition to a suspension for the latter. But there may be a new direction for the ex-World Heavyweight Champion as he used social media X to set up a showdown with McIntyre.

Pearce tweeted fearlessly: DMcIntyreWWE Incompetent Bald B---h hoping to arranged summit with Insecure Hirsute Dobber on Monday in Dayton. We went on this panel last year and you can't hide that combative tattooed Chicagoan.

Msgd you, so txt or DM me your childish reply. While the tweet from Pearce leans into his own self-deprecating humor (calling himself, like McIntyre previously did "an incompetent bald b---h"), it also dubs McIntyre an "insecure hirsute dobber" and Punk a "combative tattooed Chicagoan." This open challenge is certainly laying the groundwork for a spot on next week's Raw in Dayton, Ohio.

Punk Mentions McIntyre

What complicates this even further is that during the July 8 edition of "Raw," CM Punk mentioned McIntyre and how he was doing, which could either be a sign they are friends again or there might still be some kind of collaboration between them.

This news comes amid rumors that McIntyre and Punk are scheduled to clash next month at SummerSlam in Cleveland depending on when-fingers crossed for this Friday, Aug. 2's SmackDown-he finally returns from a triceps injury suffered during January's Royal Rumble PPV.

Punk kept quiet about his physical condition at the Money in Bank press conference, but rather cryptically explained: 'I like to keep people guessing.' The feud is not over by a long shot, and WWE fans can look forward to even more drama and potentially explosive confrontations as we head into SummerSlam.

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