Bully Ray Urges WWE to Conclude Longstanding Rivalry

Bully Ray demands WWE conclude CM Punk feud.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Urges WWE to Conclude Longstanding Rivalry
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As the tumultuous world of WWE continues to turn, there are feuds aplenty between all-stars both in Sunshine and Gloom- from the ever-familiar Bloodline lore to trials unfolding with every scavenge thanks to things like Chad Gable and Your Wyatt Six right up through CM Punk trying his hardest against a weight rising Chosen Drew McIntyre.

However, wrestling veteran Bully Ray has pointed out a different possible main event, the feud between CM Punk and Seth Rollins. Bully Ray, speaking on "Busted Open Radio", talked about how he can't wait for this feud to become the focal point.

Taking a moment to recall the electric air upon Punk's return at Survivor Series, Bully Ray also noted that mor could be in store between him and Rollins. They have to return there still It's very personal with Punk and Seth; the things that they were saying about each other when they were in separate companies," he said, stressing the high stakes of their war.

This isn't just a compelling storyline. This is what Bully Ray would call a blood feud-and more importantly huge money-making opportunity. He predicts, WWE's next big move is GUNTHER becomes the World Heavyweight Champion. Per Bully, that would be a perfect world where Rollins and Punk can kind of fight for the opportunity to get to GUNTHER which is great.

And I think youll then get a Punk vs. GUNTHER out of that bloombergHere's how this feud could play-come to pass as, he followed up with. Who would play which side can be seen as a toss-up in this feud. Instead, Bully Ray wants to leave that decision up to the WWE Universe - one of the most passionate and vocal fan bases in all of pro wrestling.

Here is how he described his position: "I would never ever listen, to be like heel number one that... these guys screaming at me I wouldn't try anything down the throat for faces. I speak my truth, the other guy speaks his truth. We'll allow people to decide whose corner they're in.

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