Jim Ross Anticipates Former WWE Star Joining AEW

Jim Ross hints at Ricochet's AEW future.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross Anticipates Former WWE Star Joining AEW
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In his “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross recently said that he thinks Ricochet could be a big player if he decides to make the move from WWE to AEW. Ross, a seasoned commentator and Hall of Famer, spoke highly of the former WWE star’s talent and potential in the latest episode of his show.

“Ricochet is extraordinary, and I believe if he signs with AEW, he’ll have nothing but a bright future,” Ross said. He also noted how much he admires Ricochet as not only a performer but also as a person.

“He’s a nice kid and I want him to do well,” Ross added, saying that while it’s not confirmed what will happen with Ricochet next, he has high hopes for him. Ross remembered when he first met Ricochet years ago at a convention in Charlotte where they talked about wrestling for hours.

He was amazed at how talented Ricochet was even then — “He was so gifted,” Ross said — and thought there was always something special about him.

Ricochet's Risk and Growth

Ross said that one thing which scares him about The One And Only is — “He takes all these chances in the ring … you just hope one day he don’t take too many,” Ross pondered.

However, on the other hand Ross noted how much The Prince has grown up since their days together in developmental: “Being around athletes my whole life… I’ve seen maturity in people,” Ross explained further adding; “I think over time we’ve all seen [Ricochet] mature more into himself”.

Since leaving WWE speculation among fans has run rampant about where exactly this multi-time champion will end up next – with many seeing All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as being potentially perfect fit for him given their history together.

Ross’ comments highlight how much things have changed in the wrestling industry over the years as talent continues to shift from promotion-to-promotion which keeps fans interested and excited about the product. With that being said, it’s safe to say that everyone is anxiously awaiting Ricochet’s next move now more than ever before so stay tuned for any updates on this story as they become available!

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