Tommy Dreamer Applauds Joe Hendry's Stellar Return to WWE NXT

ECW legend evaluates Hendry's wrestling prowess

by Noman Rasool
Tommy Dreamer Applauds Joe Hendry's Stellar Return to WWE NXT
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On WWE NXT’s Tuesday night broadcast, Joe Hendry returned to help Trick Williams defeat Ethan Page and Shawn Spears in a tag team bout. Hendry put on a wrestling clinic while executing a picture-perfect pinfall on Spears, marking an impactful homecoming for himself inside the NXT Arena.

During the main event, Tommy Dreamer spoke about his admiration for Hendry’s showing on “Busted Open Radio”. “He had a great showing for himself,” Dreamer said of WWE’s strategy to bring back anticipation for Hendry’s return.

The peak of the NXT Heatwave event featured Hendry front and center while also making some strategic appearances the following night on “WWE Raw”. Dreamer called this tactic “very, very unique” as it pertains to suspense in professional wrestling.

Dreamer Commends Hendry's Poise

ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer praised Joe Hendry’s ability to perform under pressure. “You got the big payoff yesterday, and Joe did an excellent job,” said Dreamer who was happy with how well Hendry represented TNA Impact Wrestling during his run there.

This is all part of a continuing story that began with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling collaborations taking place within NXT during the year 2024. The evening also marked another reunion show between former TNA World Tag Team Champions The Rascalz now known as Dezmond Xavier (Wes Lee) following his loss to Oba Femi.

Former TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace along with former X-division champ Frankie Kazarian have recently debuted within WWE developmental territory NXT wrestling shows signifying talent sharing agreements between these promotions continue growing stronger every day so it shouldn’t come as any surprise if we see more folks like this pop up down the road such as when Tatum Paxley challenged Jordynne at one point or another during their careers thus far which goes show just how dynamic things can get between both brands when least expected but most needed!

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