Batista has no plans to Return

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Batista has no plans to Return

The matches that take place in the WWE are all scripted. That is the reason why, most retirement matches are not really that significant as they are in most legit sports. That being said, it is true that most fans do not want to see their favorite performers retire.

Unfortunately, wrestlers can’t really wrestle forever, and wrestling itself is a very tough profession. Batista recently retired from professional wrestling and he was one of WWE’s top talents during the 2000s.

Batista retired after WrestleMania 35, after losing to Triple H. He spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast. "My in-ring career is done," Batista stated "If they invited me back to become a personality, say hi to the fans, cut a really bad promo (laughs), I would do it.

Because I love professional wrestling, I just love it. But, I will not disrespect myself or my career and go back and wrestle." He also spoke about leaving wrestling on his own terms! "I'm super happy with it," Batista exclaimed.

"I'm really happy, really content. I went out on a high note. More than anything, the most important thing to me is I went out on my terms. I held out, I held my ground, I went out the way I wanted to go out. With Hunter helping me, supporting me, he wanted to see me off this way as well."