Tito Ortiz on Fans Being Divided for Fight with Alberto


Tito Ortiz on Fans Being Divided for Fight with Alberto

Most people will agree that in a combat sports fight, the best fighter should be the one that wins the fight. This is however not always the case, and one bad mistake can end a fight in an instant. Many upset in boxing, kickboxing, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu have taken place over the years.

The unskilled fighter can sometimes beat a skilled opponent on his/her day. A fight between Tito Ortiz and Alberto El Patron will take place, most likely in October. The promotion will be Combate Americas MMA. Many Democrats would like to see Alberto win, as he supports the idea of open borders.

Tito is a Trump supporter and believes in closed borders, although he claims that he is not a Republican or a Democrat. He spoke about it on iHeartRadio. "I think that's where it stands," he admitted. "It's just kind of crazy.

Why would you want to have a safe country? I've been to some of the craziest places in Mexico and in Mexico City, and I wouldn't want our country like that. It's scary and it's just... government-wise, it's scary. And I don't want our country to turn into that.

So I think people should be documented. People should be background checked before they step into our country. I mean, I have never traveled to a different country without a passport”.

Tito Ortiz