Liv Morgan Trending, Famous Tag Team Loses Match

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Liv Morgan Trending, Famous Tag Team Loses Match

Another title match might take place between The Kabuki Warriors and The IIconics. The IIconics are the current Women’s Tag Team Champions. On Smackdown this week, The IIconics lost the match against the Kabuki Warriors, but didn’t lose their titles, even though they were on the line.

They lost the match via count out. After the match, The Kabuki warriors attacked them, as the IIconics most likely intentionally let themselves be counted out. A brand new storyline for Liv Morgan began this week on Smackdown.

Liv Morgan previously complained on social media about not being used by the WWE, so she got her chance today. It is also believed that she would be getting more TV time after she was mentioned in an anti-Shane McMahon promo by Kevin Owens.

She spoke during Shane McMahon’s Town Hall Meeting, which got her a chance to wrestle Charlotte Flair. Live was pretty dominant during the match, and she nearly took Flair out. Flair managed to get the win somehow by submission.

After the match, Liv got emotional in the ring. She took Corey Graves’ headset and commented on her future. She said, “Charlotte was right and when I come back I'm going to be real!" Live is currently trending on Twitter, thanks to her appearance on Smackdown this week. she has not yet commented on her storyline but it is believed that she will be part of something big in the future.