Reigns on 205, Chad Gets Praised, 24/7 Title Change

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Reigns on 205, Chad Gets Praised, 24/7 Title Change

The 24/7 Title might exchange hands at the San Diego Comic Con event. The title has exchanged hands so many times at various places, that we might actually see one happen over there. Ever since winning the title, R-Truth feels like he is carrying a huge target on his back.

The title can be taken away from him at any time and that is not a good thing. In a video recently released by the WWE, Carmella told R-Truth that he should go and hide at the SDCC. R-Truth will be heading there it seems. A dark main even took place at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

It was a 205 Live Event, in which Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre wrestled. Reigns was able to pick up the win in the singles match. Reigns is still one of the top baby faces of the company, and the WWE is using him regularly these days.

they are most likely doing this to keep ratings up and to keep hold of the WWE fans that are turning away from the company. 205 Live’s episode saw Jack Gallagher take on Chad Gable. Chad was able to defeat his opponent during the actual main event.

Chad and Jack shook hands after the match and Chad helped Jack get back on his feet. This match was actually a rematch. In the previous event, Chad lost via count out.