Ryback on WWE's Low Ratings

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Ryback on WWE's Low Ratings

Ryback has worked for the WWE in the past and is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion. He was called a Goldberg Knock-off but he quickly got rid of that label. It is true though that he couldn’t really get big in the WWE, even though he was pushed very hard by the WWE during the start of his WWE Run.

On his podcast, Ryback spoke about how the WWE really needs to work hard to keep their rankings up. He knows that the WWE is using its legends to boosts ratings, but the problem is that they can’t do that all the time.

"We'll see how [RAW Reunion] goes," Ryback said. "I don't know, the ratings are definitely important to them with everything with FOX coming up too. As long as they're thinking of ways - [I feel like] it's going to come down to long-term booking and making marquee names once again.

People tune into wrestling because they want to see celebrities, but [their own] home-grown celebrities through wrestling if that make sense”. The RAW Reunion will see legends return to the WWE for one night. It will be a special episode, but most of the WWE legends that will come to the show are now retired.

They will not perform in the ring and they will definitely not be full-time wrestlers. So Ryback does make a point when he says that the WWE needs to rely on its own home-grown talents.