Taylor Williamson on WWE Being Similar to America's Got Talent

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Taylor Williamson on WWE Being Similar to America's Got Talent

Taylor Williamson is a comedian and he loves professional wrestling. He was a guest on the WICNLY podcast recently. He is known for roasting famous wrestling personalities and is famous for acting really well on stage. He spoke about the huge number of opportunities that there are in the world of professional wrestling these days.

He also spoke about how difficult it is to understand why Vince McMahon hires his former enemies to work for him. Taylor has performed on America’s Got Talent a few times. He admitted that the WWE and America’s Got Talent are pretty similar, as both of them are scripted shows.

"I came out to Hulk Hogan's theme song; that's like pro wrestling, right? And I came out to Hanson's theme song which was The Young Bucks theme song before they sold out to work for a billion dollar company.

That was in jest by the way, I'm not calling them sellouts," joked Williamson. "The show is very much like wrestling because it's a storyline and you perform and then they ask you about your storyline. Then people decide if they like you based on your talent or your dramatic story."

Professional wrestling is more like a live action drama more than anything else. It has its root in Catch Wrestling and is watched by millions of people around the world.