CM Punk Talks about Wrestling Fans

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CM Punk Talks about Wrestling Fans

CM Punk is a former WWE Champion. He will be making an appearance at the Starrcast III event which will take place in Chicago. It will be held during the All Out weekend. Punk will be doing one-on-one interviews and will be there for meet & greets.

Sports Illustrated reported that Punk will be there only for Starrcast and not for All Out. He spoke to SI about his upcoming appearance. "A highlight is easily anytime anyone has a story," Punk said. "I do about one signing a year and the best part is always finding out how you've touched people's lives in a meaningful way.

A lot of it can be heavy; helped someone get clean, helped somehow with the loss of a loved one. I am always touched to know the private intimate stories people have." CM Punk is probably one of the best heel wrestlers of all time.

He was extremely good at cutting promos and could easily trick the fans. Many still don’t know for certain whether some of the promos that he cut were scripted or not. CM Punk wrestled some of the best WWE wrestlers of his time, and pursued a career in MMA after leaving the WWE.

He has not yet signed with All Elite Wrestling, but many people believe that he will work for the promotion one day. Of course, that day might not ever come, but his fans certainly hope that he will be there one day.