Roman Reigns on Being Physically Fit

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Roman Reigns on Being Physically Fit

Roman Reigns returned to the WWE after battling cancer for the second time. According to him, battling cancer is not easy and it can actually end the career of a wrestler. Reigns is now working as a full-time wrestler for the WWE.

He is one of the top baby faces of the company and is still being pushed by the WWE. He recently teamed up with The Undertaker at WWE Extreme Rules. He spoke to Pensacola News Journal about being physical fit. "Man, I've been killing it lately as far as my nutrition and my training so I feel really good right now," Roman said.

"But, yeah man, there was definitely that transition getting back, just before [WrestleMania]. And I think that's why you saw me kind of leaning on The Shield at the time, in that very first match back. I mean, it's live out there, anything can happen, so they just wanted to make sure to kind of keep the training wheels on me for that match, and I was gliding in there.

I felt really good with the role I was playing”. Most fans did not expect Reigns to return as soon as he did. Many predicted that he would be out for a really long time and might not ever return. Reigns is a strong guy, and he recovered quite quickly actually. Others in his place might not have made a return so early.