Roman Reigns on Receiving a Warm Reception

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Roman Reigns on Receiving a Warm Reception

Roman Reigns is one of WWE’s top baby faces. He had to leave the WWE for a considerable amount of time to battle Leukemia. He won, and is now back in the ring. Reigns recovered faster than a normal human being, although he admitted in interviews that Leukemia feels like death.

He also admitted that he had to take his time to get back in the ring, and didn’t train very hard before WrestleMania 35. He is now working as a full-time wrestler for the WWE. He spoke to Pensacola News Journal about the warm reception that he received as soon as he came back.

"It was really nice to see everybody drop the character and just pick up the man behind the character. Everybody got behind Joe," Roman stated. "For me to have that type of support, that type of love, those type of positive vibes being sent my way, I mean, I couldn't have asked for a better reception.

Especially when you speak about something so personal, something that's just so tied into who I am and what I've been through, and just my story. It was really nice just to see everybody bring that positive light and pick up somebody who was struggling at the time."

Reigns recently teamed up with The Undertaker at WWE Extreme Rules and took on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. He is still being pushed by the company.