Ali's Videographer on Video Series

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Ali's Videographer on Video Series

Mustafa Ali is one of WWE’s rising stars. He was all set for a push, but got injured and was replaced by Kofi Kingston who is now the WWE Champion. Ali has made a series of promos and vignettes that now appear on the WWE.

Craig Mitchell was the one who created those videos. Craig was on the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about those videos. Craig admits that he never though that the videos would become part of the WWE weekly TV shows. The videos were only meant for Ali’s social media accounts, but the WWE had other ideas.

"We joked about it being picked up [by WWE] actually, because they were just internet videos," Mitchell said. "I think one good thing about Ali is you give him a little bit of ground to work with and he'll take the ball and run with it.

He has a lot to say and he has a great way [of doing it], and that's why I really agree with what he does. I think he has a great way of putting himself out there and being able to vocalize what he can do, not only just on the mic but how he puts himself into the light, you could say”.

Apparently, the WWE really wants to push Mustafa Ali. As previously mentioned, he was all set for a big push that might have seen him become the WWE Champion.