Ali's Videographer on Ali's Promo Cutting

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Ali's Videographer on Ali's Promo Cutting

Craig Mitchell is Mustafa Ali’s Videographer. He was the one who made the now popular Mustafa Ali promo video and vignettes. Those videos appear weekly on WWE TV now. Craig admitted on the WINCLY podcast that they never thought that the WWE would take an interest in those videos.

Craig believes that the WWE is confident about Ali’s ability as a wrestler. That is the reason why the WWE is pushing Ali and he was set for a big push before he got injured. That push might have seen Ali become the new WWE Champion.

Craig spoke about the importance of a wrestler’s promo cutting ability. "I think the ability to cut a great promo, I mean, it has to be a total package too. If you cut a great promo but the way it's being presented is garbage, or poor quality, or poor sound, if it just doesn't draw you in as an interesting way of viewing it, it could fall flat," Mitchell stated.

"And that's one thing that I think we were able to accomplish right out of the gate is we were able to [ask]: what is the subject matter? Cool, we get that, so let's film it in a way where as you're watching it, you're not bored.

Even if they are only a minute or a minute-and-a-half, you feel like you're somehow in an intimate conversation with Ali when he's talking. I think that's what we always try to have [with promos], and I think a lot of guys could benefit from doing that."