Craig Mitchell on WWE Influencing Promo Videos

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Craig Mitchell on WWE Influencing Promo Videos

These days, the WWE gets a lot of heat for not letting wrestlers cut promos. The WWE hands its wrestlers a script, and they are forced to cut promos according to the script. The WWE simply does not want its wrestlers to say anything that might hurt the reputation of the company.

The WWE has a number of rising stars. Mustafa Ali is one of those rising stars. He was all set for a big push, but he got injured. Kofi Kingston replaced him, and he is the current WWE Champion. Ali’s videographer, Craig Mitchell recently spoke on the WINCLY podcast about the WWE influencing promos.

Ali’s promo videos are now regularly featured on the WWE weekly TV shows. "[WWE does have some influence now], a little bit," Mitchell admitted. "I would say that it's a vocabulary thing, for sure. We want to make sure that the words we're saying - we don't want to use any offensive words or anything like that.

I think that was something we always wanted to make sure that was very clean and appealing to all. But I think the other influence would be now, with this, I think we would also want to make sure that the subject matter [of the videos] is approved”.

That is actually the reason why the WWE does not let its wrestlers cut unscripted promos anymore, as they know that they might say something that might put the company in proper trouble.