Oney Lorcan on Being Banned From The WWE

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Oney Lorcan on Being Banned From The WWE

A number of famous indie wrestlers make mistakes in the WWE. That gets them banned or suspended. They even get suspended without pay sometimes. That can never be a good thing for a wrestler, especially one that does not have a side gig or another business.

Wrestlers themselves are fully aware of the fact that they can’t wrestle forever. After they turn 40, they can’t really wrestle as well as a 20 years old can. Recently, Oney Lorcan revealed that he was once banned.

The WWE didn’t lift his ban until Fandango was the one that called him. He stated on Twitter that he was banned by Vince McMahon and that he was banned for life. He was taken out of the arena by the police in 2011. He stated that it was because he didn’t have control over himself.

Oney received a call in 2015, on Christmas Eve. Fandango called him to tell him that his ban was lifted and he could re-join the WWE. “BACK IN 2011 I WAS OUT OF CONTROL AND VINCE MCMAHON BANNED ME FOR LIFE AND HAD ME ESCORTED OUT OF THE ARENA BY POLICE BUT THEN FANDANGO CALLED ME ON CHRISTMAS EVE IN 2015 AND SAYS TO ME HE SAYS THE BAN HAD BEEN LIFTED BABY ASK FANDANGO ABOUT IT” Oney is currently working for NXT and 205 Live. He still is not very famous in the WWE.