Documentary on the Big Show to Be Released

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Documentary on the Big Show to Be Released

The WWE plans on releasing a new documentary on the Big Show next weekend. It will be a one hour special episode and it will air on the WWE Network at 10pm ET. It will take place right after the WWE Smackville special goes off air.

The date for the episode is the 27th of July. Big Show has spent nearly 25 years in the WWE and is a WWE veteran. The episode will also focus on his rehab and surgery that he had to undergo recently. The synopsis is as follows: "Join Big Show as he reflects on his 25-year career in sports-entertainment while he recovers from a serious surgery and rehabilitation."

The last time Show wrestled was on an episode of Smackdown which took place on the 20th of November 2018. He teamed up with The Bar but lost to the current Smackdown Tag Champions, The New Day. He started a team with Cesaro and Sheamus but that team had to be broken as Show injured his hamstring.

His last appearance was on a 27th of November at a Smackdown show. We do not know whether the hamstring injury is the same “serious injury” that the synopsis mentions. Show is still a member of the Smackdown roster, and he has appeared in some acting roles recently. he is now used as much as a big man in his most recent storylines though.