Matt Riddle and Jericho Fight on Social Media

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Matt Riddle and Jericho Fight on Social Media

Matt Riddle was a famous indie wrestler before he joined the WWE. He fought some former WWE superstars at indie events. He started his WWE career at NXT, and will be a part of WWE’s main roster soon. Matt Riddle is a former MMA fighter, but he is not known very well in the MMA world.

He uses his Twitter account to regularly bash past and present WWE legends. This time, he insulted a few WCW wrestlers and one of them was Chris Jericho. They had a harsh exchange of words before on social media as well. He wrote, “Jericho, you came at me!

I don't know why you're saying, 'Listen and learn, kid.' I'll beat the s--t out of you," Riddle continued. "I don't understand that, I don't get it, you're soft as hell. Maybe back in your prime, but even then, I would have beat the s--t out of you then, so, listen and learn from me, bro.

Shut your mouth”. Jericho responded to this post by writing. “Minor League Wannabe Bros are funny.... #SuperKingOfShmoes @ Riddle, North Carolina" and posting a similar video of himself making a big, goofy grin at the camera”.

Matt has also insulted Bill Goldberg in the past using his Twitter account. A match between Jericho and Matt might not happen ever, as Jericho is currently working for All Elite Wrestling.