Steve Austin on Lynch Being Compared to McGregor

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Steve Austin on Lynch Being Compared to McGregor

Steve Austin is a WWE Hall of Famer. He is no longer an active WWE superstar, but he was one of the most successful WWE heels of all time. He, together with Vince McMahon, won the Monday Night Wars for the WWE. Many people think that Steve Austin was the most important wrestler that the WWE ever had.

He was on the Busted Open Radio where he spoke about his show’s recent guest, Becky Lynch. Steve Austin’s show is called Straight Up Steve, and will premiere next week. These days, Lynch is being compared to UFC fight Conor McGregor.

Austin thinks that Lynch should not be compared with anyone. "That gimmick 'The Man,' a lot of people draw comparisons to 'Stone Cold' or Conor McGregor," Austin stated. "That's a whole different thing, and she's pulling it off flawlessly.

I think she's had one of the best for the last 18 months – probably the most premiere run in the history of wrestling for female and a high-profile run regardless of male or female." Becky Lynch is the current RAW Women’s Champion and was one of the only women to headline WrestleMania 35 this year.

Many people believe that she is the new Stone Cold, although Stone Cold never really stated that he believes that she is like him. Stone Cold’s last appearance at the WWE was at the RAW Reunion episode that happened a week ago.