Austin on Endorsing Becky Lynch

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Austin on Endorsing Becky Lynch

According to many fans, Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most successful WWE heels of all time. He was one of the most important WWE stars during the Monday Night Wars. Some people believe that the WWE won the Monday Night Wars due to him.

Stone Cold is at the moment not an active WWE wrestler, but he was present for the RAW Reunion episode that took place recently. Stone Cold’s guest for his show was Becky Lynch. His show will premiere next week. On the Busted Open Radio, he spoke about his show and went out of his way to praise Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch is currently the RAW Women’s Champion. Some journalists and fans stated that she is the new Stone Cold. Stone Cold stated that she doesn’t really need his endorsement and she can stand well on her own.

"I think she has her own thing going. Like the Mitch Hedberg thing," Austin clarifies. "He says, 'I got my own thing going.' I think she's got her own thing going. I just don't think she needed my endorsement.

Maybe somewhere down the road if there's an organic storyline that would come up, and maybe she needs some help or something like that. But I think she stands on her own pretty damn well." Stone Cold has won the WWE championship many times in his career and was known for his trash talking.