Roman Reigns on People who Disrespect the WWE

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Roman Reigns on People who Disrespect the WWE

Over the years, many former WWE wrestlers have disrespected the WWE. it is true that the WWE doesn’t treat all of its wrestlers fairly. Many talented indie wrestlers had their careers ruined by the WWE. Roman Reigns spoke to SPORT1 in Germany.

He is one of the most successful baby faces currently working of the WWE. He spoke about taking a stand for the WWE if someone disrespects the company. "I'll be damned if anyone is gonna disrespect what we do here, especially within our company," Reigns explained.

"If you're within our walls, within our locker room and not handling your business the right way, I have no problem with stepping up. I fear no man and if you don't like what I'm coming from, there's a couple of options we can do.

I firmly believe in the history that my family has had in this business, the relationship they had with the McMahons and WWE. And I'll be damned if anyone disrespects our way of life. I've been fed and I fed my family for years now from this meal plan and I'm not gonna let anyone step on that.

If that makes me a locker room leader, then yeah, you can call me that." Roman Reigns has built a huge fan base ever since he made his return to the WWE after battling leukemia.