Hulk Hogan on The Day He Knew His Career was Over

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Hulk Hogan on The Day He Knew His Career was Over

Hulk Hogan is without doubt one of the most influential professional wrestlers in history. He was one of the most famous people in the world at one point and was featured in a Rocky movie. Hulk Hogan wrestled even after he was 50 years old, but his in-ring career came to an end after he got his back operated.

Hulk Hogan’s finishing move was the leg drop and his back suffered as a result of it. He had to get multiple surgeries done in order to fix his badly injured back. He spoke about his in-ring career ending on the Stone Cold podcast.

"As soon as they cut into my back, it was game over. I was hoping I could have the fusion like Shawn Michaels and keep going. The doctors that wanted me to have the fusion, wanted me to try everything else first. The cut into me six times and took me out of the game because they took so much bone out of me.

After the six, they told my wife, Jenifer, I would never walk again. So, it took me three more to get upright." Hulk Hogan has wrestled some of the best wrestlers of both past and present. He even wrestled the rock with one replaced knee and a hip according to him. His back is in a horrible condition right now.