Reigns Forklift Attacker Revealed

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Reigns Forklift Attacker Revealed

The WWE has continued the storyline in which Roman Reigns was attacked with a forklift. A WWE Smackdown go-home edition took place this week. It was the SummerSlam go-home edition. Roman Reigns beat the living daylights out of Buddy Murphy and Murphy revealed the name of the person who attacked Reigns.

The attacker’s name is Rowan. This segment took place as Rowan and Daniel Bryan were looking on from the ring. They saw Murphy blaming Rowan for the attack. So far, no SummerSlam match for Reigns was announced and Samoa Joe was not mentioned anywhere during this segment.

Fans and journalists believe that Reigns vs. Bryan or Reigns and Joe vs. Bryan and Rowan will take place at SummerSlam this year. So far, neither match has been announced so far. Roman Reigns issued a warning on Twitter to Roman: “Looks like I had to beat a confession out of @WWE_Murphy, I'll have no problem beating an explanation and an apology out of you.

@ERICKROWAN#SDLive" Daniel Bryan lost his WWE Title at WrestleMania 35 this year. He had a short run as the Smackdown Tag Team Champion. He stated a few weeks ago that he will make a career altering decision. Roman Reigns on the other hand is one of the top baby faces in the WWE. He built a huge fan base for himself after returning to the WWE after battling leukemia.