Booker T on Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg

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Booker T on Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg

Goldberg is a former WCW wrestlers and a WWE Hall of Famer. He is well-known for his 173-0 run at WCW. He beat the best WCW wrestlers of his time and was one of the most famous wrestlers in the world during that time. Goldberg first joined the WWE in 2003, and he won the World Heavyweight Title during his first run with the company.

He made his return to the WWE recently. Goldberg is set to face Dolph Ziggler at WWE SummerSlam. Booker T, A WWE Hall of Famer, is an old friend and colleague of Goldberg. Booker T spoke about Dolph Ziggler being Goldberg’s opponent for SummerSlam on his podcast.

"If anybody knows what this business is all about it is Dolph Ziggler," Booker T explained. "Dolph Ziggler has been with the company since about 2003-2004 and Ziggler has worked in every spectrum in the game.

He was the opening card; he's been a mid-card guy and he's worked in the main event. He's worked at the beginning and the main event. He has worked all over the spectrum, and that is the sign of a true worker”.

"Dolph Ziggler is a true general of this game. You're talking about a guy who could have complained about this or that but Ziggler keeps his nose to the grind”. Dolph Ziggler is currently working as a heel wrestler.