Booker T on Goldberg Being Booked for SummerSlam

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Booker T on Goldberg Being Booked for SummerSlam

Goldberg is considered by many fans as the best WCW Champion in history. He absolutely destroyed most of his competition and got to the top of the WCW within a year. WCW was at that time one of the biggest wrestling promotions of the world.

Goldberg is currently in his second run with the company. He is more than 50 years old, but he is still in tremendous shape. Goldberg is booked to be part of this year’s SummerSlam event. He will be wrestling Dolph Ziggler.

Booker T is an old colleague and friend of Goldberg. They worked in the WCW and the WWE together. On his podcast, Booker T spoke about how important SummerSlam is for Goldberg. "It's a good move for Bill Goldberg. The Saudi Arabia thing, not too many people can prepare for something like that," Booker T said.

"The Undertaker is one of the few guys who would find themselves in that situation once upon a time and it wasn't the greatest match of all-time. It wasn't that history-making match, that dream match that they were going to see.

"Be that as it may, again, it's professional wrestling. Things like that happen”. It is true that the match with The Undertaker wasn’t a good one for Goldberg. Both wrestlers botched moves and didn’t look good in the ring at all. In fact, Goldberg knocked himself out during the match.