Booker T on Goldberg Being Under Pressure

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Booker T on Goldberg Being Under Pressure

Goldberg had an absolutely horrible match at the WWE Super Showdown event this year. He wrestled The Undertaker, but he knocked himself out early in the match. That is the reason why he couldn’t wrestle and end the match properly.

Many fans were disappointed to see the two legends perform poorly. According to Booker T, Goldberg will be under tremendous pressure at WWE SummerSlam. He will be wrestling Dolph Ziggler, and he has to make his return a good one this time.

Booker T spoke about it on his podcast. "There's going to be a lot of pressure on Goldberg going into this match, but I think that every match Goldberg has gone into there has been butterflies. "Every match he has gone in he has been tight and intense about it.

Whether it's one of those three-minute matches or 30-second squash matches I'm sure he had anxiety of not feeling that comfortable out there but I honestly feel like all of that is going to settle in with a guy like Dolph Ziggler out there”.

Goldberg is a WCW legend. He destroyed every opponent that the WCW put in front of him and got to the top of the company within 1 year. He was one of the best WCW wrestlers of the late 1990s. Goldberg joined the WWE in 2003, but his first run wasn’t that good.