Vince McMahon Changes Smackdown Script Reportedly

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Vince McMahon Changes Smackdown Script Reportedly

WWE had plans to hold Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. This is according to a report by Dave Meltzer on Twitter. According to a recent report, Vince McMahon showed up in the building. He proceeded to tear up the original script that was created for the SummerSlam go-home edition of Smackdown.

This happened around 2 hours before the show was scheduled to go on air. If this is true, it would be the third week in a row that Vince McMahon changed the entire script of the show hours before it went off air. The original plan was to make Bryan vs.

Kingston. It would have been the main event of the show and would have been a singles match. The tag team match was leaded right after Vince McMahon changed the script. WWE announced before the show that the go-home edition would feature a segment in which Kofi would have addressed Randy Orton.

Kofi is booked to face Randy Orton at the WWE SummerSlam event. Shane McMahon was also scheduled to appear on the Kevin Owens Show this week. Many people believe that Vince McMahon is currently WWE’s problem. He makes changes quite frequently and that hurts the writers.

Many writers quit the WWE after they got fed up with Vince McMahon constantly making last minute changes. Road Dogg was one of them.