Becky Lynch on facing Natalya at Summerslam

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Becky Lynch on facing Natalya at Summerslam

Following her arrival on WWE's main roster in July 2015, Becky Lynch became the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion at Backlash 2016 and has held the title a total of three times. Late summer of 2018 marked a turning point for Lynch, as her transition towards a more aggressive character started at SummerSlam when she attacked Charlotte Flair after their match with Carmella, which perceived herself as an unfairly-treated underdog and dubbed herself "The Man", saw a large increase in her popularity and fan support.

In January 2019, she won the Women's Royal Rumble match. On 7 April, at WrestleMania 35, in what was the first time women headlined a WrestleMania event, Lynch won both the Raw Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women's Championship in a Winner takes all match against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, making her a double champion and the only woman to hold both titles simultaneously.

Lynch is now an overall four-time women's champion in WWE. During a long interview with Sporting News, the Irish superstar reflected on facing Natalya at Summerslam: “We’ve known each other for 14 years. I had my first tour with Nattie 14 years ago in Japan.

Before that, I met her, I think in September in Canada and we’ve got through a lot. We were the closest of friends and then she stabbed me in the back. When I got my face broken, when I was concussed, she held my hand when I was getting stitches and then she goes off and trains Ronda Rousey to try and beat me.

When she knows all that I’ve been through to get where I am, it busted my heart a little bit. For her to come out and talk about how much it means to her to get a title shot against her friend, I’m not your friend anymore.

I’m your opponent. You’re trying to take away something I’ve worked my entire life for, something I care about more than anything. I’m going to beat the hell out of you in your home country and snap your arm in front of your family if that’s what it comes down to”.