Lio Rush on His New Song

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Lio Rush on His New Song

A number of famous professional wrestlers have suffered from various health issues over the years. Most of these health issues are related to professional wrestling and the negative effects it has on a wrestler’s mind and body.

The best wrestlers of the world often times overcome their health issues. Others resort to drugs and sometimes end up taking their own lives. Lio Rush is a WWE Wrestler that has very recently opened up about his health issues.

He has mental health issues and that is the reason why we haven’t seen him perform in a WWE ring since March. He was Bobby Lashley’s Tag Team partner. Lio Rush has a new hip hop single coming up which he claims describes his mental health issues.

He spoke about it on Sports Illustrated. "It's real and it's raw," Rush added. "I wanted to make sure I expressed my emotion in the video and the lyrics," said Rush. "I wanted my music to tie into the cover, which has a throwback feel with me as a kid with my sister.

That's why there is a scene in the video where I sat on a swing at a playground, reminiscing about the old days. There's another scene where I'm sitting on the bathroom floor. That represented the lowest point of my life”.

Lio Rush is without doubt a talented wrestler, but his professional wrestling career may end due to his health issues. He is currently only 24 years old.