Becky Lynch on having the fans behind her

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Becky Lynch on having the fans behind her

In what was the first time women main evented a WrestleMania, Becky Lynch controversially pinned Rousey to win both titles. The commentary and production team commented that Rousey's shoulders were not down for the three-count and many fans and media were left wondering if this was a legitimate botched finish.

Nonetheless, with the win, Lynch gave Rousey her first WWE singles and pinfall loss and became a double champion and the only woman to hold both titles simultaneously. With both titles, she was allowed to appear on both the Raw and SmackDown brands and got another nickname, "Becky Two Belts"

Shortly after WrestleMania, Lynch was placed in a feud with Lacey Evans, who was drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-up and who continuously attacked Lynch after her promos. Simultaneously on SmackDown, Lynch continued her feud with Flair over the SmackDown Women's Championship.

At Money in the Bank, Lynch retained the Raw Women's Championship over Evans, but lost the SmackDown Women's Championship to Flair in the following match due to an interference by Evans. With the loss of the SmackDown Women's Championship, Lynch became a member of the Raw brand.

In a long interview with Sporting News, the Irish superstar commented on having the fans behind her: “The fans were always behind me. Fans were always with me. The reason why I got where I am was because of them. It was them telling the people behind the stage ‘She’s got something.

We like her. We have a connection with her.’ When I was on top of that ladder in Chicago at Money in the Bank (in 2018), the crowd went mad and that showed everybody that I have something. People that thought I was destined to be good but not great, a good hand, somebody who can make people look good, somebody that can make people into stars but wasn’t necessarily a star herself.

The crowd and the reaction, that changed everybody’s perception backstage which then pushed me to the next level”.