Booker T Praises and Defends Chris Jericho

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Booker T Praises and Defends Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is one of the most famous wrestlers of the world. He is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling and is doing well there. Jericho is a former WWE and WCW wrestler. Matt Riddle recently made some harsh comments on Chris Jericho.

He stated that he would beat the sh** out of Jericho. Booker T is a former WWE wrestler and is a WWE Hall of Famer. He spoke about Jericho and told his audience why Jericho is so great. “He had great matches against Triple H, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Rock, and when a guy like that is giving you some words of wisdom - I don't think Chris was shooting at him or coming at him," Booker continued.

"It was very simple. It was almost like, 'listen and learn' because this is what this business is really about: listening and learning. When The Rock said know your role and shut your mouth, and that's true. Know your role and shut your mouth.

When guys back in the days didn't know their role they didn't last long in the business. My thing is this - hopefully Matt Riddle will go on and have a great career." It is true that Jericho was the one that spoke about Matt, and Matt responded to him. That being said, Jericho is a veteran wrestler and taking his advice might actually prove useful to Matt Riddle.