Booker T on Differences Between MMA and Pro Wrestling Culture

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Booker T on Differences Between MMA and Pro Wrestling Culture

Booker T recently responded to the comments made by WWE star Matt Riddle on Twitter. Matt Riddle attacked a few former WCW wrestlers, including Chris Jericho. Jericho is currently working for All Elite Wrestling, and he is one of the most famous wrestlers in the world right now.

Jericho and Riddle had a small Twitter war recently. Booker T spoke about the differences between the culture of MMA and pro wrestling. Matt Riddle is a former MMA fighter. “"In the Octagon, calling guys out to a fight might be wise, but in real life, calling out a real man to a fight is just not wise," Booker said.

"Fighting these days is not something men do outside of the Octagon. People get hurt really bad. The guy could have a great career, hopefully he will. We will see; we will find out in the long run. The same road you go up, you go down that same road.

That road is all going to be about how much you put into making sure that it is passable on the way back because some of those bridges, they may have been knocked down”. Matt Riddle started his career in the WWE as an NXT wrestler.

He is currently working for the WWE, but hasn’t really been pushed hard by the WWE. He might be calling out all of these famous wrestlers on Twitter to get attention for himself.