Lynch on Not Working with Rollins Anymore

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Lynch on Not Working with Rollins Anymore

Becky Lynch was at one time the number 1 trending wrestler in the world. She won the RAW Women’s Title and the Smackdown Women’s Title at WrestleMania 35. She is the only woman that successfully pinned Ronda Rousey in the history of the WWE.

Becky Lynch for a short while worked with Seth Rollins. The WWE used the romance angle between them to give them a push and get them involved in storylines. Lynch is no longer working with Seth Rollins and she spoke to Sporting News about it.

"I think it was cool to see us side-by-side but we both have our own divisions to carry right now," she said. "So, I think let me go and do my own thing, let him go and do his own thing. We'll be fighting and defending for my championship and hopefully his championship after SummerSlam.

I think when you see two bad asses fighting together, that's cool. When you hear about them being in a relationship every few minutes, maybe not so cool. (laughs)" Lynch carries the RAW Women’s title these days.

She doesn’t have the momentum that she had at one time, but she is still cheered in every arena. Seth Rollins himself commented on working with Becky. In the past, the WWE storylines involving couples have not gone so well, so Seth himself was concerned about that.