Gail Kim Tells WWE to Wake Up

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Gail Kim Tells WWE to Wake Up

The WWE production team made a few mistakes on the latest episode of WWE RAW. The episode contained two significant errors. The production team actually labeled a superstar entirely wrong! This week, Asuka and Kairi Sane were scheduled to fight.

They were part of the Tag Team elimination Fatal 4 Way. It was for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. The graphics that were used for “The Kabuki Warriors” contained two twitter handles. One of those was for Sane and the other one was for Shirai.

The two superstars worked together at NXT as a team, but that all ended when Sane was called on to the main roster. Since then, she has been part of “The Kabuki Warriors”, with Asuka becoming a part of Smackdown.

A twitter user took a screenshot of the horrible mistake that the WWE production crew made. Gail Kim noticed that. She is a former WWE Women’s Champion and TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer. She wrote, "Wow..... so sad when they have the most talented asian female wrestlers on the planet," Gail wrote.

"Wake up WWE and stop wasting all of them. Utilize their talent!" The WWE is known for not taking foreign wrestlers quite seriously, although some of the best WWE wrestlers of all time were not from the US. The WWE plans on bringing more people in from Japan and China in the near future.