Jack Swagger on Getting Call From Trump

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Jack Swagger on Getting Call From Trump

Jack Swagger played his All-American gimmick near the end of his run in the WWE. He displayed many of President Donald Trump’s characteristics during that part of his WWE career. This took his gimmick to all new levels.

We just found out that Swagger and President Trump are actually friends in real life. According to various reports, Jack Swagger received a call from Trump just before he was about to fight his last MMA fight to wish him luck.

Swagger responded to those reports on a recent episode of the WINCLY podcast. "Yeah, he called me; it was great. Very honored and we talked briefly," said Swagger. "We had met before at a WWE event in Green Bay and he was at WrestleMania 29 where he sat by my wife in the front row.

[Trump's] an old family friend and he was proud of the hard work he saw a real American doing." He was then asked what Trump told him exactly. "Hey, that's my advantage that I take with me," replied Swagger.

"When you get a call from the President, you can keep it for yourself." Jack Swagger left the WWE and is now known as Jack Hager, which is actually his real name. He has an amateur wrestling background and he started his MMA career right after he left the WWE. He is doing well, because he actually fought as a real wrestler in the past.